For the Love of Trees

A few days ago I visited Sorensen’s Glasshouse & Gardens in Leura and had the best time walking through the garden admiring the magnificent trees in their understated winter elegance.

I was reminded of a beautiful documentary I watched a few months ago called Judi Dench: My Passion For Trees

The host, Dame Judi Dench, shares her fascination for trees and discusses their wonders with various historians and scientists. Between segments Dame Judi quotes her favourite poems by Shakespeare. Such a treat!

In the Blue Mountains we partially owe our UNESCO World Heritage status to our amazing trees. Among them: 91 different types of eucalyptus trees and the Wollemi Pine which is one of the world’s oldest and rarest trees.

Recently I also discovered two delightful picture books about trees, both by Australian authors and artists.

One Tree written by Christopher Cheng is simple but sensitively unfolded story about a little boy who discovers a tree seedling in an urban environment. With the help of his grandfather, he nurtures it to thrive on the balcony of their high rise apartment. The boy’s passion for growing his tree is contagious and soon the whole community is following suit. The book is stunningly illustrated by Bruce Whatley.

I fell in love with One Tree at Megalong Books in Leura a few weeks ago and bought it straight away. Since then I have been recommending it to all the book lovers I know! Today I also saw a copy in the window of The Turning Page in Springwood

One Tree was published by Penguin Random House Australia in 2019.

A couple of weeks later I discovered One Thousand Trees written and illustrated by artist Kyle Hughes-Odgers. It is an interesting juxtaposition in title to One Tree but very similar in sentiment. In the middle of an urban environment, the only character, Frankie, dreams of a thousand trees. Using a minimalist approach with text, the story traces Frankie’s imagination of tangibly interacting with trees. The illustrations are gentle and beautifully structured.

One Thousand Trees was published in 2017 by Freemantle Press.

Before I head outside for more tree therapy, I’ll finish with one of my favourite tree quotes:

Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.

Khalil Gibran

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