Peregrine Blue

You may be curious about my choice of the name ‘Peregrine Blue’ for this blog. ‘It’s too obscure!’ was my first thought but the idea hung on and I couldn’t shake it! Here’s why.

Peregrines are falcons (Falco peregrinus) and while they migrate all over the world, Australia is one of the few places where they live and breed. They are regularly sighted here in the Blue Mountains.

My first home in the Blue Mountains was in Faulconbridge so ‘Peregrine Blue’ is mostly a nod to that. It was a very special place for many reasons but especially because it was my children’s first home.

Peregrines are famous for their speed when diving (stooping) but what I like most about them are their lovely blue grey feathers.

The word ‘peregrine’ means ‘traveller’ or ‘pilgrim’. When I was first thinking about this blog I thought of the many visitors to Blue Mountains who make a ‘pilgrimage’ to see iconic sights such as the Three Sisters. It is sad to me that often that is all they get to experience. There is so much more to enjoy! For travellers who want to stay a little longer and have a deeper, richer experience of the Blue Mountains, this blog has you in mind.

If you are a new resident to the Blue Mountains, this blog is also for you. I hope you feel welcome here and enjoy your new home. Hopefully you will find my posts helpful. If there is something you want to know more about feel free to ask me questions via

I have also created this blog for the interest and benefit of the wonderful Blue Mountains local community. There is a creative, industrious and generous spirit among the people of Blue Mountains that I value and want to celebrate. Through my offerings here I would like to say thank you and pay forward the goodwill that has been showered on me over the years.


{Belle Perry}

More information about Falco peregrinus: