Few things delight me more than discovering a new word. My latest find is momijigari, a Japanese word that describes the pleasure of appreciating autumn leaves. As you can see from my photos, I have been indulging in some momijigari recently. What a soul soothing exercise. In the USA it is known as ‘leaf peeping’. Hmm… I think I prefer momijigari! Thank you Japan. And thank you Breathe magazine issue #14 for enlightening me!


leaves floating down
from tired brittle branches
make way for new things

©2019 Belle Perry




These are some of my home grown proteas. Aren’t they elegant and fabulous? I am no florist. I just trimmed the stems a bit, put them in some water and they put on their own show! Proteas flower in autumn and grow quite happily in the Blue Mountains. They are native to Southern Africa but are cousins to Australia’s waratahs and banksias. What’s blooming in your garden?